I first discovered the polymer clay in 2008 when I attended a workshop for beginners at a friend’s house. My curiosity, my need for creation and my friend’s support helped me to improve my skill. Through several years and thanks to the support of well-known clay artists I have met during various training courses, I have perfected my technique and decided to turn professional.

What was first a hobby became a real passion and has become a means of artistic expression.

Polymer clay is a synthetic clay which is workable as a modeling clay. It is a tinted modeling substance which hardens after baking. It can be found in plain blocks and colors can be blended easily which allows me to obtain my own shades. The clay is always kneaded by hand, so all the craft items are handmade and unique. Polymer clay can be modeled to make a simple sphere or can be worked in canes or flattened. Because it is a very flexible medium, it can also be textured, carved or drilled. After baking, I carefully sand and polish my beads or crafts items to make them smoother and give them a natural and lasting brightness. I use high-quality finishings.

The light differences you can noticed in my beads are due to their handmade manufacturing and heighten the quality of a unique jewel.